Notre Dame, a Tribute

All images © Spiral Light Photography

She was always my favorite landmark to visit whenever I found myself in the City of Lights. From the first time I toured Notre Dame, I fell in love with this marvelous structure, with its’ gargoyles, flying buttresses, and massive, beautiful, Rose Windows. In summer, she provided a cool, calm refuge. In winter, it was shelter from cold winds whipping off of the Seine. The last time I was there, my husband and I climbed to the top of the Bell towers for a spectacular 360 degree view of Paris. The awe she inspires is indescribable. That is why like so many around the world, it broke my heart to see her in flames. Some say she is just a building, just one of many cathedrals. But she has stood the test of time, of revolutions and wars. She is a testament to art, architecture and history. She will be re-built, and in my opinion, it will be money well-spent. 

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