Sojourn In Seattle

All images © Spiral Light Photography

I have visited Seattle a couple of times. If I was ever going to live in the United States, I think this is the city I would choose. The people are friendly, the coffee is great, and there is a vibrant music and art scene that can be found from the local street performers to the many art galleries and clubs. There is definitely a relaxed vibe to Seattle. Maybe it is because of the citys’ west coast location, maybe it’s the weather. Whatever it is, I love Seattle.


Market Sign Day

Crab Legs

Market Sunflowers

Market Flower Shop

Street Performers

Iron Arches

Coffee Sign

Moore Theatre

Hammering Man Sculpture

Space Needle at Dusk

Ferris Wheel

EMP Experience Music Project

Easy Street Queen Anne

Bainbridge Island Ferry

West Seattle Graffiti Art

Bainbridge Island Nursery Fountain

Skyline from West Seattle

West Seattle Boat


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