Everything New Is Old Again

All images © Spiral Light Photography

I love looking at vintage photographs. There is something that makes us want to connect to the past. I have a book of street names from my city. In it, are photographs of how these streets looked, sometimes dating back 100 years. It’s amazing to look at a scene of a dirt covered road with horse drawn carriages and be able to pick out something familiar that still stands today. Here I’ve done the reverse. I’ve taken some of my modern day photos and added some vintage qualities to them. Enjoy!

What is lovely in a world
of splintered wood and faded golden rings,
stained glass and tarnished silver,
hearts, antiques, and other broken things?

What may have been discarded in the past
Now shines to brilliantly to perish,
not alone in longing to be loved
and dying to be cherished.

 – Hearts, antiques, and other broken things by Marcus Eliot

2015-09-09 16.00.57_resized

2015-09-09 15.59.12_resized

2015-08-26 16.34.44_resized


2015-10-30 15.00.26_resized

2015-10-29 14.54.55_resized

2015-10-29 14.39.00_resized

2015-10-28 16.22.19_resized

2015-10-28 12.43.34_resized

2015-09-09 16.03.09_resized

Train Station

2015-09-09 16.02.45_resized

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