Paris in Black & White

In light of recent events, I have decided to re-post this blog. I have been in love with the city of Paris since before I ever went there. To see its’ people attacked in such a senseless manner breaks my heart. Right now we pray for Paris, we pray for the world, we pray for sanity and reason to prevail. France is strong. Paris will recover from this. Paris will always be the City of Light, the City of Love, and love always conquers evil.

All images © Spiral Light Photography

eiffel buildings

eiffel boats B&W copy

eiffel B&W copy

eiffel legs B&W copy

Eiffel Reflect B&W copy

Last Tango Bridge B&W

Lion B&W copy

luxe statues B&W

petit palais statue B&W copy

Sulpice Lion B&W

nd benches

puddle B&W copy

Sacre Coeur

Paris Metro Entrance

Paris Gargoyle

Notre Dame Paris

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