Haunted Landscapes Of The Mind

All images © Spiral Light Photography

With Halloween approaching, this post is exploring a darker, but also more serious theme;  the downward spiral of depression. This is how I view the world when this illness invades my mind.

Sometimes the darkness descends upon you, practically from out of nowhere. Once again, you’re sinking down the rabbit hole, grasping at dirt walls as the earth loosens under your grip. The rabbit has you in his clutches, and you’re sliding back down again.  A pinprick of light is there in the distance. You keep an eye on it to prevent yourself from decending even further into the darkness. Yet the energy it takes to focus on the light feels like a heavy weight. You want to just close your eyes and let it pass, let the rabbit drag you down all the way.  But eventually, the light begins to grow. The weariness inside your mind begins to recede, and you’re able to climb out.  You kick dirt back into the hole, hoping never to fall in again. But you know, deep in the recesses of your mind, that he will always be there, waiting to pull you back in.  The rabbit sleeps, but he never dies.

“everything is blue

in this world

the deepest shade of mushroom blue

all fuzzy

spilling out of my head”

                – from The Downward Spiral – Nine Inch Nails

Power Lines

Spiral Staircase




Haunted Tree

Haunted House 2

Haunted House 1

Haunted Door

Figures **(see notes)

bird house



**Notes for Image 10 – Sculptures photographed at the “Colour Of The River Running Through Us” art installation McMichael Gallery summer 2015.

7 thoughts on “Haunted Landscapes Of The Mind

  1. As always, fabulous images and a very expressive way to show the horrible nature of depression. As someone who has many loved ones blighted by it, it helps to relate seeing it explained in this way.

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  2. Depression and mental illness is a very debilitating and serious condition. One must seek the right treatment to make sure that sleeping rabbit never wakes up ever again.

    Liked by 1 person

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