A Yorkie named Boo Boo

I’m reblogging this post. Unfortunately, little Boo Boo passed away on Thursday. We are all a little heartbroken about the loss, especially my sister.  You will be missed little guy. R.I.P. 

All images © Spiral Light Photography

My older sister has a little teacup Yorkie named Boo Boo. As a puppy he was so small, he could literally sit in the palm of your hand. A few years ago, I saw a series of black and white dog photographs displayed on the wall of a café. It inspired me, so at a family gathering, I took Boo Boo aside and shot a series of photographs of him. Some of them turned out really well considering his fidgety state. The three best images were framed and given to my sister for her birthday. Needless to say she loved them! I love them because it’s probably one of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever given anyone.

boo boo


sit look left

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