Spiral Out

All images © Spiral Light Photography

If you look closely, you can see spirals all around you. They are in nature, in household products, and in everyday objects. So to honour of the name of this site, I have gone on a photography treasure hunt of sorts. Here are the “spirals” I was able to gather on my quest.

“A spiral is a symbol of growth, development and evolution, because of the way it can be drawn forever.”

– Urban Dictionary

Iron Gate





‘History never repeats itself, for arguments and thoughts move not in circles, but in spirals.’ – Paraphrase of Socrates, Greek philosopher, on Dialectics


Phone Cord

Pen Spring

orange flower

Iron Lamp

“And following our will and whim, we may just go where no one’s been. We’ll ride the Spiral to the end; and may just go where no one’s been.” – Excerpt from Lateralus, by Tool


Watering Spike


Garden Hose

“I feel rain pouring down. I wait to rot away; live again. Here, forever, the Spiral never ends.” – Excerpt from The Spiral, by Godsmack


ceramic elephant

bench leg


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