Teacup – Series #1

All images © Spiral Light Photography

“Today I’d like to sit and sip.
Forget about the world a bit.
Ignore the things I have to do.
And just enjoy a cup or two.”
– Author Unknown

I seem to have acquired a small collection of teacups from around the world. Some were souvenirs from my travels, while others were received as gifts. Each teacup seems to have its’ own personality, and as such, conjures up different settings for its’ use. For example, the polka dot cups speak of an early spring brunch, accompanied by creamy Eggs Benedict and fresh seasonal fruit, while the Turkish teacups evoke images of dark panelled tea rooms filled with the aroma of exotic spices.

These images are the first in a series I plan on doing. Enjoy!

Polka Dot  Polka Dots

Turkish Tulip Cups Turkish Tulip Cups

Pretty in Pink Pretty in Pink

Chinese Cups Chinese Cups from Macau

Gold British Bone China Gold

Chai Tea  Spicy Chai Cups


One thought on “Teacup – Series #1

  1. What a lovely collection of tea cups. I love bone china tea cups and would not have my English morning tea in anything else but an English bone china tea cup. Love it.


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