Getting Lippy


I love lipstick! The only time you will find me away from home without any on is if I’m at the beach, or on my way to the dentist. What can I say, I’m a girlie girl! I’ve loved make-up since I was very young. I would spend hours covering my dolls faces in wax crayon eye-shadows and lipsticks. (I never realized how ghoulish this actually made them look!) As a little girl, I remember being fascinated by our local Avon lady. She would show up at our house with her case full of colourful pots and tubes, but my favourite was always her collection of lipsticks. Now I’m very picky about what I will put on my lips. It has to be just the right shade of brick red with a somewhat matte finish. I have gone through entire Sephora stores with the back of my hand covered in red marks, testing every lipstick that seems to fit within these requirements. It’s a process that can take hours, and best done alone. (Leave the husband at home!) Of course, it’s inevitable that whenever I think I’ve found the perfect shade, it gets discontinued by the manufacturer, that’s why I’ve been known to stockpile my lipsticks. You never know when you will be unable to find that perfect shade again! At least I can take comfort in knowing that no matter what may transpire be it locusts, famine, or zombie apocalypse, my lips are covered!

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